Hers and I made 2 trips to the gloryhole this weekend!!! We hope you all like the pics!!! As soon as I get the video put together, I’ll post it!!! Thank you all so much for indulging in our fantasies!!!


So last night I posted the first half of a recent adventure, along with the promise to conclude it with photos when the 900 follower mark was hit.

Well we hit it and passed it a very short time later! How fucking awesome! In about six months we have built this 99% original content blog, caught the attention of nearly 1000 people on the internet, and have only been the target of one, single mean comment. And it wasn’t even as mean as much as it was misguided. Incredible.

We’d like to thank you guys for your support, your engagement, and all of the amazing, nice, encouraging feedback y’all have given us. This blog and all its followers have been an amazing boost to both our sex life and our self esteem. Thank you.

So as a special treat, we are sharing the photos from our latest adventure instead of just the write-up, as we usually do. Enjoy!




Some nice gloryhole fun!

Always luv the gloryhole

Good girl

Friday Night Fun - Sep 19th - Horse Cave, KY


It’s time to go to Horse Cave KY ABS Friday night.  No special pass word needed.  Will be putting on a show for all the guys there.    Mention you follow my blog and I may give you some extra attention.   See you about 9 PM at DC Video in Horse Cave.    Use the contact me link above if you want to request a special outfit I should wear.  

This is what I wore on a previous visit.